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“I’ve designed this website to be the source of useful dental information for residents of The Woodlands, TX area.”
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Dental surgery

My experienced and caring staff will contact you to confirm your appointment. Once at our office, Anita will sit down with you and talk with you about what your goals are for your teeth, so that we can make it happen for you.

Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

We have listed some common questions that people ask concerning cosmetic dentistry.

We don’t want you to be mis-informed or have a lack of understanding of what cosmetic dentistry is and how it could help your smile.

Need General Dentistry?

Although Dr. Freeman is a fabulous cosmetic dentist, you can also benefit from his experience in improving your oral health. In such cases, you may need the following:

1. Dental Hygiene – Regular cleanings every six months by a professional will keep the plaque and tartar off of your teeth.

2. Tooth Fillings – If you are aware of a cavity forming due to tooth sensitivity or tooth decay then you will need to request a dental appointment so we can examine it. Better to get it filled before it gets worse.

3. Root Canals – Oh! The dread. Don’t worry, this procedure is performed when cavities and tooth decay go untreated. We have specialists that will take good care of your teeth.

4. Gum Care – The technical term is “Periodontics”. If you are experiencing bleeding gums or sensitive gums, please contact Dr. Freeman today.

5. Crowns & Bridges – A dental crown will solve a broken or decayed tooth. It’s the best protection from further decay or tooth loss.

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